Farmstand Open Daily  9:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Picking now...

Honey At the Farmstand
     Bring home a jar of
     delicious honey sourced
     from a local beekeeper
     who also tends hives 
     right here on the farm.
     Try our lovely natural
    goat milk soap made 
   using essential oils
   and goat milk from  
 Ruby, our very own  Nigerian Dwarf goat.
Our special holiday saop
makes  a great gift!
 Assorted fresh greens including 
specialty lettuce mixes, chard, spinach, kale,
Japanese mustard spinach, pak choi and more!
Spicy microgreens
Pea shoots

Feel free to place a special order with us before you come so that we can prepare just what you want!  530 264-6204

Plants Are Now For Sale

Plant starts are now on the farmstand. Swing on by to see this year's selection.